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Where is your head office?

The Drop HQ is located at Commercial Unit 2, Aurora Buildings, 124 East Road, London, N1 6FD, United Kingdom. Please note we are totally online-based, and this is not a shop.

What is our perfect fit guarantee? 

The Drop will go to great lengths to ensure your suit fits you perfectly. With a three-step process of measurements (we send you a simple guide), photos (our algorithms are 99% accurate on the first attempt), and a manual check of measurements by one of our stylists, we are confident the fit wil be spot-on, but if there is anything that needs changing we will reimburse up to £35/$50 of alterations (only 1 in 6 people take us up on this). If, after alterations, you are still not satisfied, we will remake your suit for you. 

We understand that everyone's perfect fit is personal, so let us know if you have any specific requests!

What measurements do you need? 

After your order, we will send you a really simple measurement guide and ask for a couple of photos of yourself (front and side). We find that using a combination of both will help us to get the fit perfect 👌 Click here for more information. 

The measurements needed are: height, chest, stomach, waist, hip, thigh, bicep, shoulder, sleeve, outside leg

How long will it take to receive my order? 

Delivery on complete orders will be in 3 weeks via Royal Mail, MyHermes, Fedex or DHL. Receive your order in 2 weeks for an additional £50 ($75)

What countries do you ship to?


How much is shipping? 

The Drop offers free worldwide shipping on orders over £50 ($75).

On orders under £50 ($75), The Drop charges a flat rate of £10 ($15).

Top tip: Ship your order to your office and never miss a delivery.

What if I measure incorrectly? 

All measurements are checked manually before being processed, so if anything looks too large/small, we will let you know and ask if you could take the measurement again. Having photos as well also helps with this, because we can estimate your measurements quite accurately from photos. 

What should I wear for photos? 

Whatever you would like, as long as your clothing is not baggy. We would recommend a t-shirt/shirt and trousers!

Do you accept returns?

As all of our suits are custom-made to your measurements and customisations, we do not accept returns unless there is an issue with the quality or fabrication of your suit. We will go to great lengths to get the fit perfect for you, including reimbursing up to £35/$50 of alterations and even remaking it for you if needed (no one has ever taken us up on this offer)! For more information, please have a look at our terms and conditions.

How can I return a suit that has a quality or fabrication issue? 

Please contact within 7 days of receiving your order for assistance 

Can I order just a jacket/trousers/waistcoat? 

Yes! Just select ‘Add to cart’ under the section ‘Buy individual items’ on the product page. If you need any help with this, just send us a message using the chat in the bottom-right hand corner of the page 

Can I have this in a different fit? 

Yes! Once you’ve checked out, send a message to or send us a message using the chat in the bottom-right hand corner of the page (remember to leave your email) saying how you’d like it to fit, or email

I have some ideas for a suit, can you help me? 

Probably! Send us a picture of your suit using our instant chat in the bottom-right hand corner or email

Do you make suits for children? 

Yes, for children 110cm/3.5 feet and above. Prices are £274 for a 2pc, and £374 for a 3pc

Can I use measurements from a suit I own?

Definitely. Please specify that these are garment measurements when sending them.